Booroola Texel sheep for sale


The Booroola gene is a major gene for litter size. The Animal Science Group in the Netherlands has via systematic back breeding established this fertility gene in the Texel breed. The gene is single inherit by this consequence are sheep homozygote or hetrozygote in producing offspring. The homozygote animals (double alel) are producing about 1.5 lam more and heterozygote (single alel) are producing about 0.6 till 0.9 lam more. By farm circumstances are mostly heterozygote animals for the gene being used. The presence of the Booroola gene in the individual animal can by prove by DNA. For economic reasons the chose the Texel breed. This outstanding meat sheep has only one problem, a desirable lack of fertility. After the introduction of the gene there is united an outstanding meat sheep with a lot of lams.



The Booroola Texel Sheep proofs a considerable rent ability by farmer circumstances. by introduction of a heterozygote gene ram in a flock with a litter size of 1.6 there is released an increase to litter size of 2.4 lam.


Summary an increase of income of Euro 51,40 per ewe (meat prizes 2003). By import of a (expensive?)  Booroola Texel ram in a flock, the investment is quickly returned (also for a small flock)

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