Owners Rinus and Matty van Doorn

Listed as breeders by flock number: 3701


Established in the Netherlands as Texel sheep breeder in 1975. Certified Scrapie resistant, and Madi-Visna. In 1992 established a joint venture with ‘Coldstream Ranch’ Dutch Texels owned by Ruthane and Mels van der Laan in Ontario, Canada. 


Before his marriage, Rinus was with success been breeding racing pigeons and intensively studied animal husbandry. Through this factor we already knew that only key to success was starting with the best possible genes on the basic, everything else is a waste of time .One year after beginning our sheep program, we owned already our first Champion ram( Z70) on Provincial level, encouraged by this success there was born a real sheep breeder in hart and soul, through this success, our way crossed Cees Kikkert from Texel Island, witch started a friendship that has lasted for three decades.

Note* In the same period of time as we started sheep breeding, we started also horse breeding on high level,significant detail in 2002, Cees also developed an interest in horse breeding, we a where delighted to be able to offer him our outstanding star mare ‘Lotus’ by Donnerhall. Since then we do have now a common interest in both sheep and horses. (See details on our horse page)

Back to the start of our sheep programme , in 1979 we obtained two ewes who won the best pen with mother on the historical national show 1977.One of this two ewes (Little Kicko) was giving birth to ram’ 3701-0095 ’A ram with a muscularity like a Belgium Blue cow. This was the first ram used in Dutch history by AI. In 1986 we obtained a ewe on special terms by the other known breeder Cees Commandeur. In this period of time Johan Borstlap bred the very influential ram 5427-0015 called the ‘15 ‘a real meet king and we decided to breed by this ewe by this ram. This resulted in two fantastic ram lambs 3701-0211 and 0212 as lamb champion with their mother on the national show 1987.

Two ram lambs with a tremendous influence in history of Texel sheep breeding
The agreement with Cees Commandeur included, that he had the choice in a half part by birth of a possible ram lam by his ewe in combination with the "15" Borstlap.Commandeur chose for ram ‘- 0211’, after his choice Cees Kikkert hired his nest brother ram ‘0212’ for his breeding program. Although he rather preferred ram 0211 witch was impossible in spite of the agreement with Commandeur. (0211 sadly dead soon after his arrival on Commandeurs farm). Cees Kikkert still impressed by ram 3701-0211, offered a free choice of a ewe in his home flock to mate to this ram, result Champion 3701-0250 and via his remarkable son 4030-1001very influent in Cees Kikkert his breeding career today (note Cees Kikkert used the following rams with our flock number 3701: '0095','0212' '0250' and '0374' (sire to 4030-1600).


A few family's are controlling Texel sheep breeding 

*Notice ram 3701-0250 sired also ram 4007-89077 the ‘77’ the known ‘Blanchart’ ram how had a great influence in the Kroon dynasty in Holland and Belgium breeding history. This "77" is the foundation key to success formula of the brand Beltex in England (NB. Beltex is not a breed but a brand!!)


In the mean time Rinus became Breed Committee Chairman of the Dutch Sheep Society and a respected judge, during that period and trough the many international contacts. I was convinced that we needed more than only a show sheep with a nice head and birth problems. Our Focus is making these outstanding sheep more interesting for the international market.

In 2000 we decided to move our enterprise to the heart of France, where we found a domain at a valley with lush fields in the beautiful area of the Auvergne, here surrounded by exceptional landscapes and only a hundred kilometers from the awe inspiring Puy de Dome mountains, we continue breeding Dutch Texel sheep breeding in France.

Been certified for resistance of scrapy and medi-visna, we restarted in France for our goal to breed a bigger sized sheep by selection with plus muscularity as possible. No surprising after selecting by this goal, less birth problems, we never received a caesarian section any more (In the France sheep world “not word while“ by veterinarians).

New experiment: In 2005 we imported a texel ram with the single Booroola gene with original Commandeur blood on the basic, by the Dutch Frans van de Capelle. Result in 2006 after close selection 6 ewe lambs single gene Booroola and 1 ram (out of 3) with the single Booroola gene. Now we do hope for lambing season 2007 for a double gene Booroola gene ram. Fingers crossed!

Ready for the European market with our home flock. Ready for the rest of the world with our joint venture ‘Cold stream’ Dutch Texels in Canada

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