'Tomentosa le Coupied' (pedigree)

Herdbook number 00.0410

Prospected dressage index 175/30

Black Elite mare

Born: 01-05-2000

Height 1.64m

Sire: Ferro 87.151 Preferent

Dam: Lotus 93.10027 ster by Donnerhall




Produced by Olympic sires based on the best Dutch dressage line in history Charites- Zinni van Wittenstein Champion mare three-year-olds in Province Drenthe (the Netherlands) in 2003 and invited to the National mare show at Ermelo (the Netherlands) Scored at her EPTM test 8,5-7,5 and 7,5 for dressage and 6,5-7,5 and 6,5 for jumping ability on the 14th of October in 2003.


After two years of training for dressage in the Netherlands we bred ‘Tomentosa’ in 2006 to the Olympic giant ‘Briar’ and we are exited to announce that we sold this outstanding mare on terms to our Dutch friend Jan Vink owner of 'Black horses' for his breeding program.



- 'Zygrande le Coupied’

Herdbook number 528003 04 11588. Stallion (bay) by Krack C. Nowadays Zygrande is owned by Ceylon Avinal.


- 'Catalpa le Coupied'

Mare (chestnut) by Bjorsells Briar. After selling 'Tomentosa' to the Black Horse Stables of our friend Jan Vink, a part of the deal was that we kept a part in this unique bred filly. A pedigree formed by Briar-Ferro and Donnerhall. Three top Olympic giants in dressage history, based on a produced 'Exquis Nadine' (gold medal winner team gold European Championship 2007. A dream pedigree and a potential stallion mother.

Moulin du coupied

Lieu-dit Coupied
03160 Ygrande
0033 470 66 39 28 (vast)
0033 674 33 99 59 (mobiel)
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