Basic mare B

Basic mare B: ‘Lotus’ (pedigree)


Herdbook number 93.10027

Number 29 leading mare lines.

Breeding family 28.

Number 4 on the ranking list KWPN.
Colour: Dark chestnut

Ster Ster Preferent mare

Born: April 3rd, 1993

Height: 1.60m
Sire: Donnerhall
Dam: Charites (herdbook number 84.5522) star preferent

mare prestatie



After been so successful with the Areina bloodline we never considered to obtain a other bloodline. Until 1998,been impressed in the nineties by a bloodline with was producing so many horses on national and international Dressage sport level, this line, based on the famous champion mare ‘Zini van Wittenstein, and build out by Gerard Vervoorn in Brakel, by his unbelievable breeding mare ‘Charites’ (grand daugther to 'Eros') the mare with took the lead in 2001 of the dressage index lists produced by the KWPN till today (2008) (number 29 leading mare lines). In 1998 crossed a direct daughter sired by ‘Donnerhall our way. This mare named ‘Lotus’ was been sold to Belgium as a filly for lots of money, only problem her height1.60m ,and at that time and no predicate. We took the change and after twenty years we obtained an new basic mare.

After the introduction of ‘Lotus’ in 1998, in 1999 we mated her to ‘Ferro’ and took her to our horse show in the province Zeeland (the Netherlands) resulting in a first place. Spite of her height (1.60 m) with very good marks for type and excellent movement (comment given by the judge Mr. van Rijswijk how toke her as an example for power in the back on that show. Resulting in predicate Ster.


- 'Tomentosa le Coupied'

Herdbook number 00.04106. Elite mare (black) by Ferro. Champion at the central horse show in the province Drenthe (the Netherlands) 2003 and invited for the national mare show in Ermelo in 2003. She is sold in 2006 to Black Horse Stables in the Netherlands.

- 'Uvularia le Coupied'

Herdbook number 01.09400. Mare (grey) by Democraat. Uvularia is sold to Estrella Franck in France.


- 'Vive la France'

Herdbook number 02.07871. Stallion (chestnut) by Democraat. Selected and sold at the National auction 'Prinsjesdag' 17th September 2002 (cat. number 3)

In 2002 Kees Kikkert from Texel Island, took interest in horse breeding. Kees is been an friend for three decades through our mutual interest in sheep breeding on top level, he asked us to buy 'Lotus'. At that time we owned already two daughters by her so we decided to sell ‘Lotus’ on terms to a real friend. Cees is now owner of two home bred keur mares. After been moved to Texel Island she was giving birth so far to:

- 'Walkure'

Herdbook number 03.05537. Keur mare (bay) by Sir Sinclair.

- 'Zini van de Westen’.

Herdbook number 04.03199. Keur mare (chestnut) by Hilltop Rousseau.


- 'Adelheid van de Westen'

Herdbook number 05.07347. Mare (chestnut) by Stedinger

This line goes back to the famous basic mare 'Zinie van Wittenstein'; this line produced a number off approved stallions by the KWPN such as the very well known top dressage stallions 'Inspekteur',  'Kroonjuweel' and 'Zevenster'. Also the Prize St.Georges horses 'Habibie' and 'Graffitie' and the known mare 'Finesse' (exported to USA) plus a number off other horses on FEI level dressage horses. (6 mares are on the top 50 in the dressagelist KWPN). Dame:’Charites’ by Roemer, Full sister to the famous Grand Prix Dressage horse 'Windsor' And dame to: 'Exquis Nadine' by TCN Partout (keur mare).

Charites is now expecting her twenteeth foal in 2008.

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