Basic mare A

Basic mare A: ‘Cireina’ (pedigree)

Herdbook number: 84.6809
Number 8 leading mare lines

Breeding family 60 (look for her ancestry at the link history)
Colour: bay

Keur preferent prestatie mare

Born: July 12th 1984

Height: 1.67m
Sire: Amor (herdbook number 1196SGLDT-H) preferent
Dam: Wireina (herdbook number: 80.8399) by Exkurs xx

This mare is able to produce dressage horses and show jumpers at a national level.


- 'Gireina'.

Herdbook number 88.5393. She was a keur mare (bay) by Bonheur. Gireina was a Z-level jumper. She was later sold to the Czech Republic.

- 'Henderson'

Herdbook number 89.6156. Henderson is a licensed stallion (grey) by Democraat (NDP (LT)). He scored a 8.5 out of 10 for dressage ability at his tests. This stallion was later sold to Olympic dressage rider Robert Dover in the United States via Anky van Grunsven. Sadly Henderson died after a short period in the USA. 

- 'Impuls'

Herdbook number 90.8238. Impuls is a licensed stallion (bay) by Ekstein (NSP). Scored 9 out of 10 for free jumping and 8 out of 10 under the man at his tests. He was overall winner of the Stable force competition KWPN in 1996.

- 'Joinville'

Herdbook number 91.9752. Gelding (bay) by Ekstein. He was a M-level jumper.


- 'Keizer'

Herdbook number 92.12725. KWPN's third examination stallion (chestnut) by Nimmerdor. He went to the examinations when he was barly two years old. Later Keizer was exported to the United States for the hunter class.

- ’Mireina’

Herdbook number 94.4801. Mireina is a elite mare  (chestnut) by Investment. She was sold to Family Kimenay,

Hilvarenbeek the Netherlands.


Mireina under the sadle of Grand Prix rider Barbara Koot

- 'Nayim'

Herdbook number 95.7911. Gelding (bay) by Polydox. Dressage Z2+1.

- 'Oviedo'

Herdbook number 96.08213. Gelding (bay) by Majoor de la Cour. He is a ZZ-level jumper. He was later sold to Majorie Goldsteen in the United States via Germany S Jumping.

- 'Pixireina'

Herdbook number 97.09145. Thoroughbred mare (bay) by Julio Mariner. Still at Haras le Coupied.


- 'Simply Red’

Herdbook number 99.03311. Gelding (chestnut) by Rubinstein. With Jolanda Jongerman as amazone nowadays dressage ZZ L horse.

- 'Thyreina'

Herdbook number 00.4287. Mare (bay) by Freestyle. Sold to Joska de Vos in the Netherlands.

- 'Ureina le Coupied'

Herdbook number 01.10362. Mare (bay) by Lord Sinclair. Earned the France Dressage label. Sold to Joska de Vos in the Netherlands. This is the latest and only foal born in France by 'Cireina'. After her movement to France ‘Cireina” was not a happy horse any more, we decided to brig her back home in the area she was born and raised. Continuing breeding by the breeder of 'Hilltop Rousseau' Mr. Haak.

- 'Veullot'

Herdbook number 02.10588. Stallion (bay) by Hilltop Rousseau.

- 'Wireina'

Herdbook number 03.12334. Mare (bay) by Hilltop Rousseau. B-dressage level.

- ‘Areina'

Herdbook number 05. Mare (bay) by Hilltop Rousseau.

- 'Bireina'

Herdbook number 06. Mare (bay) by Johnson.

After been barren in 2007, she is expecting her sixteenth foal in 2008.

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