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Haras 'Moulin du Coupied'

Owners : Rinus and Matty van Doorn.

Established as KWPN horse breeders in 1972 in the Dutch province Zeeland. Rinus and Matty started breeding on a very small scale only one or two brood mares. After a successful career breeding pigeons, Rinus was convinced that the only way to success was to start with the best possible brood mares. At that

time Matty rode successfully dressage on a son of the thoroughbred Abgar, She also became her qualifications both a riding instructor and a respected judge.

For some time we had been impressed by the remarkable success of Wim van Arkels mare 'Areina' descendant of the well-known Palburga family (number 8 leading mare lines, breeding family 60), we decided to contact this breeder. ‘Areina’ had at that time already produced three approved stallions and mares on national level like 'Ireina' ‘Nareina’and ‘Germaine’. Germaine was a full sister to the influential Keur stallion Eros, both sired by the greatest horse in Dutch history Amor. Today forty years after his birth, is the presence of Eros in the pedigree still a mark for

dressage ability.

Twenty-three years after the birth of Eros, Areina's grand daughter by the thoroughbred Exkurs, also named Areina was giving birth to her first son ‘Escort’ one of the two last stallions who passed selection in the impressive breeding history by Amor. The other stallion on that show was 'Elcarona' (sire to Montecristo) ‘Escort’ was invited on the KWPN Utrecht show 1989 with two other selected stallions for the title of the best troth. Sadly enough our stallion was found dead by accident before he was licensed in the stables of our companion Anton Geesinck.

Back to the original ‘Areina’ of Wim van Arkel, in-between giving birth to her licensed sons she gave birth to the Keur preferent mare ‘Ireina’ sired by de France Keur stallion ‘Artilleur’ a grandson to the great ’Furioso’ This will explains the dressage ability in the offspring of Ireina. An dream came true, upon visiting Mr. van Arkel’s farm, we learned that after four successful pregnancies Ireina had been barren for five years and replaced in the breeding operation by her daughter ‘Nireina’(by Joost), with is on her turn dam to the well known Keur stalion ‘Sultan’ and his full sister ‘Zola’, who is in turn dam to ‘Dola’ the cornerstone of veterinarian Peter Bleeker's his dressage family, Dola (number 40 on dressage list index 177/37) produced among others two full sisters (by Rubinstein) Julia B.ZZ-Z dressage (number 7 on the same list 193/33) and Reine B. ZZ-L the new prospect of Lotje Schoots the Junior European Champion 2005 and European Champion team Young Riders and silver medal individual in 2007.

A view Family’s controls the KWPN dressage list
“Our dream became reality: we were able to obtain the markant Keur preferent mare 'Ireina' at the Van Arkel stables in 1978. In our care we successfully bred her three times to the thoroughbred stallion 'Exkurs' resulting in one stallion and two mares. One mare ‘Wireina’ was sold to Switzerland after only one pregnancy

(‘Cireina’) and competed in national jumping competitions. The other mare is our bred Keur mare ‘Areina’ (named after her grand dame). We were so encouraged and conviced by the success of the ‘formula’ of grand dame Areina by Amor that we decided to repeat this mating with this greatest horse in KWPN history Amor with both granddaughters of the original Areina. This was the real start to our success in horse breeding. Our ‘Areina’ (granddaughter of the original) produced Eros (renamed after te selection to Escort). Beside the stallion Escort mentioned in the note above a third examined stallion out of ‘Burggraaf’s first offspring. The other Exkurs

mare ‘Wireina’ her only pregnancy ever, bred by Amor gives us our corner stone in breeding the Keur preferent prestatie ’Cireina’. Tribute to Amor out of two mating ’s resulting in the stallion Escort, our first bred stallion who passed selection in our breeding career and the above mentioned ‘Cireina’.

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This family (number 8 leading family’s) produced a great number of approved stallions beside the keur stallions Eros and Sultan also the Champion on the KWPN stallion show 2005 ‘Johnson’ In 2000, we decided to move our operation to the heart of France, where we found a domain at a valley with lush fields in the beautiful area of the Auvergne, here surrounded by exceptional landscapes and only a hundred kilometers from the awe inspiring Puy de Dome mountains. Here we continue breeding KWPN horses in France by the stable name 'Haras le Coupied' in a joint venture with Black Horses at Papendrecht.

Moulin du coupied

Lieu-dit Coupied
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